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An open-source program that hides the contents of folders on a computer

An open-source program that hides the contents of folders on a computer

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Program license: Free

Program by: Gurjit Singh

Version: 3.10.3

Works under: Windows


Program license

(26 votes)


Program by


Gurjit Singh


Works under:


Lock-a-Folder is a Windows utility to hide and lock files from prying eyes.

If you have ever shared a PC, then you have probably wanted to lock away files that only you could access. This is precisely the challenge that Lock-a-Folder—stylized LocK-A-FoLdeR—sets out to achieve, and it does a superb job. Better yet, the program is freeware so you can download it and use it as much and as often as you like without having to pay anything at all.

Lock-a-Folder also has a very small footprint, and it does not require installation. That means that you can keep the program on a USB flash drive or similar device. You could even store the files that you want to protect on that same flash drive, making it even more unlikely anyone would have access.

The program does not lock files directly but rather the folder that contains them. A folder could contain but a single file or thousands. When you lock a folder, the program queries you for a password and then bases the encryption of the folder on that password. Lock-a-Folder not only locks the folder but actually hides it from view. Nobody will know that it is there and cannot know without using the Lock-a-Folder utility to see the hidden folders.

Lock-a-Folder is great if you have a personal folder where you keep all of your secret files. If you have multiple locked and hidden files all over the place, the solution can be a bit cumbersome. The program can reveal those hidden files, but it does not offer a discovery mechanism, so you need to know where to look. Don’t know where to look? Folders can essentially be lost forever.

The developer has stopped developing Lock-a-Folder and no longer supports it. The final release is stable and does support Windows XP, 7 and Vista, but there are compatibility issues beyond that, and you should not expect it to work. It is worth noting that the program is open source, so it is possible to continue developing it if you were so inclined.


  • Freeware
  • Locks folders
  • Small footprint


  • No longer supported

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